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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Effexor(Venlafaxine) Confirmed Opioid

Image result for venlafaxine tramadol

Since 1993 Effexor(Venlafaxine) has been handed out like candy by psychiatrists.  It was originally approved for use in children.  When homicides and suicides resulted, the FDA grudgingly issued a warning. 

Despite an obvious similarity between Venlafaxine and the related Tramadol - a known opioid and NMDA antagonist -- all calls to have this drug banned have failed. 

This pill has caused nothing but death and destruction for those who take it.  

It has been demonstrated scientifically that Venlafaxine is actually an opioid and an NMDA antagonist (similar to PCP-'Speed').  

This site (link) is subject to Google censorship and has seen a dramatic drop off in traffic.  

Also, a related YouTube video has been shadowbanned:

Please spread these links as far and wide as possible because YouTube and Google won't.  

Also, any advanced biochemists, if you can reproduce the Protein-Ligand binding described in the link above and publish it independently it will help get this evil poison off the market.