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Monday, July 27, 2015

The best news ever!

Recently I came across the best news I've heard in a long time.  This video will tell you all about it. After you watch the video if you are interested in more information you can contact me at:
This is the video site:

You won't be sorry. The video is 1 hour long so give yourself time to watch it....

Good Health to one and all!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

how to naturally cure tooth decay ////// Very very good information

How to naturally cure tooth decay ??

 I bought Oil of Oregano & Colloidal  Silver. Notice above links.

NaturalNews) Toothaches generally occur when a tooth's nerve root becomes irritated. The most common causes of toothaches are infection, decay, injury, or loss of a tooth. Pain may also occur after a tooth has been pulled. While no one enjoys a painful tooth, the good news is that tooth pain and infections can usually be relieved and healed naturally.

If your toothache comes from an abscess or other infection, combine the use of 1) oil of oregano topically and internally; 2) colloidal silver topically, internally and for swishing; and 3) warm salt water for alternate swishing as follows:

1. Take several drops of oil of oregano under the tongue. Hold for a few minutes and then swish with lots of colloidal silver as frequently as once every hour.

2. Spit out the colloidal silver and then swallow additional colloidal silver (up to 8 ounces total in a day).

3. Gently rub some colloidal silver into the gum area around the tooth.

4. After a few minutes, rub oil of oregano onto the gum area.

5. In between the colloidal silver swishes also do a fairly vigorous warm salt water swish (preferably sea salt) and follow that up with more oil of oregano rubbed into the gums.
Learn more:

Monday, July 20, 2015

For Healthier Living, Throw Away These 5 Common Household Items

For Healthier Living, Throw Away These 5 Common Household Items
If you are committed to taking the best care possible of your body, you’ll want to know about some common household items that you probably don’t even realize are hazardous to your health. These items create health risks that accumulate over time. When they eventually affect you, you and your doctor may not even suspect them. Better to get rid of them now.
Here are 5 items to toss:
1: Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose (Splenda) actually trick your body into storing fat and increase your risk of diabetes. You will find them in the little packets to sweeten drinks, and in food and beverages such as diet soda. They have even been implicated in heart attacks, strokes, and Alzheimer’s disease.
2. Plastic Food Containers and Bottles
Plastic food containers and bottles expose you to endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Your endocrine system is vital to mood regulation, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism, sexual functioning and reproduction. They can cause hypertension, cancer, and in children, reduced IQ and hyperactivity.
It is best to forgo all plastic containers, and replace them with glass.
3: Non-Stick Cookware
Most of us own some non-stick cookware. The coating is made with a chemical called PFOA, that has been labeled a “likely” carcinogen. PFOA is fluoride-based. When the pan is heated, the fluoride vaporizes into the air, where it can harm your family.
Replace your non-stick cookware with ceramic or glass.
4: Air Fresheners
Room deodorizers often contain a chemical that has been implicated in early puberty and other health problems, including cancer. Some of these fragrances also contain the endocrine-disrupting phthalates.
If there are unpleasant smells in a room, a better idea is to find and correct the root cause. It’s is also a good idea to open your windows and let the breeze blow through.
If you just enjoy scents, then opt for high-quality essential oils, which are made with natural ingredients and actually aid health.
5: Antibacterial Soaps and Detergents
Overuse of disinfectants promotes the growth of drug-resistant bacteria in the environment. The antibacterial compounds contained in these products have also been linked to a variety of health problems, including interfering with fetal development, allergies, thyroid dysfunction, endocrine disruption, weight gain, and increase in inflammation.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said “there is currently no evidence that [antibacterial soaps] are any more effective at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water.” In fact, soap and water are often the very best way to clean at home.
You can also use a homemade disinfectant for kitchen counters, cutting boards, and bathrooms. That is 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Just put them in separate spray bottles, then use first one followed by the other. These have tested as more effective in killing bacterial than either chlorine bleach or commercial antibacterial cleansers.
Modern technology has brought us an array of household conveniences. Now our challenge is to closely consider which chemicals may be damaging our health. It is time to throw out some of those, and look for common-sense, non-toxic replacements.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Warped World of the GMO Lobbyist

The Warped World of the GMO Lobbyist

There’s a massive spike in cancer cases in Argentina that is strongly associated with glyphosate-based herbicides. These herbicides are a huge earner for agribusiness. But don’t worry, Patrick Moore says you can drink a whole quart and
it won’t harm you. Who needs independent testing? He says people regularly try
to commit suicide with it but fail. They survived – just. So what’s the problem?
Perfectly safe. Patrick Moore says he is ‘not an idiot’. So he must be right. Right?
Anyway, all that scare mongering about GMOs and glyphosate is a conspiracy by
a bunch of whinging lavishly funded green-blob types. Former UK environment minister Owen Paterson said as much. He says those self-serving anti-GMO people are damaging the interests of the poor and are profiting handsomely. They are condemning “billions” to lives of poverty.

He voted for the illegal invasion of Iraq, which has led to the death of almost 1.5 million Iraqis. His government has plunged millions into poverty and food insecurity in the UK.
He now wants to help the poor by giving them GM courtesy of self-interested, corporations and their lavishly paid executives. What was that about self-serving, lavishly funded groups? As a staunch believer in doublespeak, hypocrisy and baseless claims by self-appointed humanitarians with awful track records, Paterson’s sound-bite smears and speeches are good enough for me.

So with that cleared up, hopefully we can move on.

Then there’s all that ‘anti-capitalist twaddle’ (another pearl of wisdom from Patrick Moore) about smallholders being driven from their lands and into poverty due to a corporate takeover aimed at expanding (GM) chemical-intensive agriculture. I showed Mr Moore a paper by an economics professor who had studied the devastation caused by the above in Ethiopia. That’s where the ‘anti-capitalist twaddle’ retort came in. As I’m also a staunch believer in the power of baseless, ill-informed abuse, I was once again convinced.

What about all that rubbish about GM not having enhanced the world’s ability to feed itself? You know, all that stuff about the way it has been used has merely led to greater food insecurity. Nonsense. I watched a prime-time BBC programme recently. Some scientist in a white coat in a lab said that GM can feed the world. He’d proved it in his lab. In reality (not in a lab), the fact it hasn’t done anything of the sort over the past 20-odd years doesn’t matter. He wore a white coat and held GM patents, so he definitely knows best!

I once read that industrialised agriculture is less productively efficient than smallholder agriculture that feeds most of the world. And then I read that the world can feed itself 
without GMOs. According to all of this, it is current policies and the global system of food production that militate against achieving global food security.

That’s just a big old load of rubbish put together by a bunch of conspiracy mongers. Who are these people? Food and trade policy analysts, political scientists, economics professors and the like. A bunch of whining anti-capitalist promoters of twaddle. None of them have studied molecular biology so how can they possibly be qualified to talk on this? I’d rather listen to a man in a lab who says GM can feed the world. He’s much more qualified to speak on politics, trade, the environment or anthropology than a bunch of lefties who don’t know one side of a petri dish from the other.
I happen to believe a profitable techno-fix is the way to go. A techno-fix that comes courtesy of the same companies whose global influence and power are helping to destroy indigenous agriculture across the world. But this is for the good of the traditional smallholder because these companies really, really care about the poor. Okay, okay, I know the top execs over at Monsanto are bringing in a massive annual cheque – but $12.4 million per year helps motivate a CEO to get out of bed in the morning and to develop empathy with the poor – unlike that elitist, self-serving green blob lot who rake in big money – according to hero-of-the-poor, the handsomely rewarded millionaire Owen Paterson… err, let’s swiftly move on.
To divert your attention away from all that scare mongering, conspiracy theory twaddle,
I want you to concentrate solely on the science of GM and nothing else. But only on the version of ‘science’ as handed down from the great lawgiver in St Louis which creates
it in its own image, not least by dodging any problematic questions that may have prevented GM from going on the market in the first place. Some troublemaker recently wrote a book about that, but someone said it wasn’t worth reading – so I didn’t bother (‘Altered Genes, Twisted…’ something or other – the word escapes me; it doesn’t appear in my lexicon).

So how about joining like-minded humanitarians and the handsomely-paid people over at big bioworld? We believe in mouthing platitudes about freedom and choice while serving interests that eradicate both. And let me add that scientists know that anyone who disagrees with them is just plain dim. C S Prakash recently posted a claim that implied such on Twitter.
He’s a molecular biologist, so it must be true. Of course, there are scientists who disagree with us but they are quite clearly wrong – wrong methodology, wrong findings, wrong career turn – we’ll make sure of that!

In finishing, let me make the case for GM clear, based on logic and clear-headed rationality. There are those who are just too dim to understand any of the issues to do with GM so they should put up, shut up or go away and read or write about conspiracy theories on their blogs or in their peer-reviewed non-science journals that aren’t worth the paper they are written on given that the ‘peers’ in question are probably also a bunch of left-leaning wing nuts.
By comparison, unlike those self-serving ideologues, we are totally non-political. Okay,
we might be firmly supporting a neoliberalism that is dominated by unaccountable big corporations which have captured policy-making space nationally and internationally, but any discussion of that is to be avoided by labelling those who raise such matters as politically motivated. We get you to focus on ‘the science’ – that is ‘our science’ – and nothing else. The fact that some of us tend to label anyone who disagrees with us as anti-science, anti-capitalist, socialists or enemies of the poor (or even ‘murdering bastards‘) says nothing at all about our political agenda.
And the lavish funds and powerful strategic position of big agribusiness means the pro-GMO lobby can smear, exert huge political influence and also restrict choice by preventing the labelling of GM food. You see, too much choice confuses people. We take the public for fools who will swallow anything – hopefully GMOs and our sound-bite deceptions.
So rests the case for GMOs. Eloquently put? I certainly think so. But I would say that, wouldn’t I? I’m paid to.
Colin Todhunter is an extensively published independent writer and former social policy researcher based in the UK and India.
Source: Counterpunch, 7 July 2015

The Health Benefits of Beetroots

The Health Benefits of Beetroots

                                  ( NON GMO OF COURSE )

Not only are they delicious, beets are also packed full of vitamins and nutrients. Their rich content turns them into a powerful medicinal food, with various beneficial properties. As early as the Middle Ages, they were used for treatment of digestion and circulatory issues.
They are rich in anti-oxidants, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory agents. Well known as treatment for the gall bladder and gout and even great for reducing cholesterol levels.
The 10 major medical conditions beetroots
can help treat are:
1. Arthritis – In moderation, beets help prevent arthritis by dissolving deposits that accumulate around the joints, thanks to the high alkaline contents.
2. Anemia – The high levels of phosphorous, zinc, iodine, copper, calcium and potassium, combined with fat, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, P and niacin) help keep hemoglobin levels high.
3. Inflammation – Thanks to a moderate amount of choline, beetroot helps maintain your muscles, memory, and cognitive functions, as well as help with insomnia. Choline also helps sustain the structure of the cellular membranes and assists in impulse transmissions. Combine it with its ability to absorb fat, beetroot becomes an effective anti-inflammatory.
4. Heart disease – Rich, in nitric acid, beetroot helps your blood vessels relax and remain dilated, which prevents heart diseases caused by insufficient blood flow.

May also interest you:

5. Dementia – A recent study performed in the Wake Forest University confirmed that raw beet juice helps oxygenation in the brain. This helps maintain the brain in a healthy capacity, preventing the onset of dementia.
6. High blood pressure – The nitrate in beetroot gets converted into nitric oxide – a key compound in relaxation and widening of blood vessels. This process is highly beneficial to blood flow and circulation.
7. Arteriosclerosis – Nitric oxide’s benefits also help prevent and reduce the risk of arterial diseases like Arteriosclerosis.
8. Diabetes – Alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that lowers glucose levels are abundant in beets. It’s effective in reducing stress-induced changes in diabetics.
9. Anti-carcinogenic – The beetroot’s distinct color comes from phytonutrients. These nutrients combat and help with the prevention of cancer. Research have shown that in some cases, beetroot extract was effective in reducing multi-organ tumors. It is believed to be effective in treating breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.
10. Low stamina – Raw beet juice helps the muscles to oxygenate, helping us improve exercise tolerance. A regular intake of raw beetroot will help those with metabolic, respiratory and cardiovascular issues which cannot exert themselves to return to regular exercise in a short period.

2 Beet juice recipes that aid in weight loss
1. Powerful detoxing juice:
  • 1 beetroot - cubed
  • 5-6 celery stalks
  • 1 cup chopped spinach
  • 1 handful cilantro
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Blend all the ingredients until they have a smooth consistency
  • and add some lemon juice
2. System booster, rich in anti-oxidants and beta-carotene:
  • 1 beetroot – cubed
  • 2-3 large carrots – chopped
  • 1 celery stalk
  • Blend all the ingredients until they have a smooth consistency
  • and add a pinch of salt

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tainted nightmare

Dr. Sarah Stone, Pharm-D
Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist
Russ Clarke, Editor

"The H1N1 vaccination program, when put into the same frame as the engineered virus to go with it, appears to be a clear effort to divide humanity into two groups; those who have lost their intellect, health and sexuality via a tainted vaccination, and those who have not and are therefore superior."

I met the story about the swine flu with great skepticism; it played like a story line in a B movie - Students go abroad for spring break. Students get the virus. Students bring it home. Worldwide pandemic starts. The story line was unbelievable, and I knew from day one that there was either no virus at all, and that it was just a "wag the dog", or that a manufactured outbreak was intentionally released and underway.

Unfortunately the latter was true, and now we have an entirely new bug on our hands. It has never been seen before, and virologists have been quoted saying "where the hell it got all these genes from we don't know." Extensive analysis of the virus has revealed genes from the original 1918 flu, the avian flu, and two new H3N2 viruses from Eurasia. All evidence points to the fact that the swine flu is indeed a genetically engineered virus.

This article is the result of a team effort intended to explore what the motive for releasing it may be, to warn you in advance of things to come.

The first attempt

In Feb 2009, Baxter, a major manufacturer of vaccines, sent the seasonal flu shot to 18 different countries with live unattenuated H5N1 bird flu. When the Czech company Biotest was assigned to test the vaccine on live animals for the Czech government, they realized something was wrong when the test animals died. The alarm went out to all others who had received it, fortunately before it was administered. Upon follow up examination of the vaccine the live virus was revealed, had no one caught Baxter's tainted batch, we would now be in the midst of a pandemic with massive numbers of dead.

Baxter was not prosecuted or punished in any way for this, even though their operational BSL3 (bio safety level 3) protocol would have stopped such contamination from being possible. The safety protocol, combined with the potency and volume of the virus in the shots clearly shows that the contamination was intentional, and that indeed an attempt to kill millions was stopped simply because ONE country paid attention to what it was getting. The protocol made it technically impossible for the virus to make the leap from the research department to the vaccine manufacturing department, which could never have had H5N1 show up there due to any reason other than willful intent.

One would think that Baxter would have been put out of business for making such an "error" but the opposite is true, which begs many questions, such as how did the live bird flu end up in millions of doses of vaccine? Why were the ingredients of the vaccine formulated to allow the virus to survive fully potent en route? Why was Baxter not prosecuted or punished in any way? Instead of rightfully blackballing the company, the World Health Organization has rewarded Baxter with a contract to make a large portion of the "Swine flu" vaccinations set to be distributed world wide this fall. How on earth could that be?

The main focus

Let's switch to another aspect of vaccines, the real focus of this article, which is the plan to destroy our intellect, our health and our sexuality via a mass world wide vaccination campaign. With the use of special additives called adjuvants, manufacturers are able to increase the number of possible doses that can be made on time for the fall flu season. But though there are many safe adjuvants which can be added, they are adding one - squalene, which has been shown to cause prolonged systemic immune response against the squalene itself, which results in reduced fertility, reduced intellect and reduced life span.

Squalene is an important molecule in the body. It is a precursor to many different oils and hormones, and is needed for proper brain function, fertility and also plays an important role in protecting cells from aging and mutation. Anything which affects your natural squalene can have a major negative impact on your health.

Because the squalene will be injected in the presence of a pathogen during the H1N1 vaccination, it will cause an immune response against not only the pathogen, but to the squalene itself. Squalene is a precursor molecule which is essential for the production of many hormones including all of the male and female sexual hormones. Squalene is also a precursor to many of the neurochemical receptors prevalent in the nervous system and when the immune system is programmed to attack squalene, it causes irreversible neuronal and neuromuscular damage which can range from a loss of intellect and autism to more serious disorders such as Lou Gehrig's disease and systemic autoimmune diseases and possibly brain tumors.
In independent studies where squalene laced vaccines were injected into guinea pigs, the resultant autoimmune disorders killed 14 out of 15. A later test, to verify the results had the
same outcome.

When first injected via the anthrax vaccine in Gulf War 1, it permanently disabled many of the soldiers who received it, due to the effects now known as the Gulf War Syndrome. 95 percent of the soldiers who recieived the anthrax vaccine have been found to have antibodies to squalene.

Few of the soldiers who received the vaccine remained healthy and do not have the antibodies whether or not they were deployed. None of the soldiers who did not receive the vaccine have the antibodies, even those who fought in Iraq. Squalene antibody related deaths total 6.5 percent of the vaccinated group.

It takes approximately a year for the effects to fully manifest themselves because that much time passes before the nervous system and brain deplete the reserves of Squalene that are out of the reach of the immune system and only after the reserves are gone will cell injury begin. This takes the pressure off vaccine manufacturers who deny any wrongdoing for a response so delayed. And with Congress passing legislation granting immunity to any corporations who cause damage with their vaccines, the outlook is evermore dark.
After examining the components of the H1N1 flu vaccine we can only conclude that it is not intended to treat the flu at all, quite differently, it is intended to:

1. Reduce intelligence
2. Reduce life span
3. Reduce fertility
4. Cause numerous deaths

For if it was intended for any other purpose, Squalene and other adjuvants beyond the scope
of this article would not be present. Furthermore, the scope of this article only covers squalene, and we believe that because there are so many ways to induce autoimmune responses equally devastating via other injectable formulations coupled with the obviously intentional shipment of a pandemic by Baxter that the credibility of vaccines is forever tainted and the trust in the greater medical community may have been irreparably broken. Baxter should be out of business, the fact that they are not is damning.

The trust is broken

Through a manufactured pandemic and damaging vaccine the world health organization along with major manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry have demonstrated clear intent to damage all of mankind. For what purpose is difficult to determine, but it would be safe to assume that there will be those who have been told and know better than to take one of these tainted vaccines, and as a result they will be of superior intelligence and health when put in perspective with those who receive them. The H1N1 vaccination program, when put into the same frame as the obviously engineered virus to go with it, appears to be a clear effort to divide humanity into two groups, those who have lost their intellect, health and sexuality via a tainted vaccination, and those who have not and are therefore superior. It can now be reasoned that it is no longer safe to take ANY vaccination for any reason; please, do not let them get your children.

If you ever see a video of major figures getting theirs,
keep in mind that not all shots will be created equal!

The most valuable reference for this article by far was Dr. Sarah Stone, Pharm-D. Thank you so much, you helped sort fact from fiction and made this article possible "Vaccine May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu" "Squalene: The Swine Flu Vaccine's Dirty Little Secret Exposed" "Vaccines May Be Linked to Gulf War Syndrome"
The Unify Coalition "Experimental Vaccines / Adjuvants / Squalene:"
Health Freedom Alliance Read this to item 122, it returns to English half a page down!
Rense This is an excellent report on the Gulf War Syndrome and Autism, by Neurosergeon Dr Blaylock _

A couple quick notes -

The victory in Arizona was the result of teamwork from various web sites. I know for sure Infowars was there. Several people have written to me as well, saying they were there. So this site and other sites had an impact, and together we shut it down (though I think my method of telling people to document this spooked the perpetrators badly and had a lot to do with nothing happening) and to those who went, THANKS!


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He has the following herbal remedies:






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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Realization dawns: The dangers of amalgam AND IMPLANTS...

Realization dawns:

The dangers of amalgam

An article by Dr Hal Huggins DDS, MS.


Dr. Hal Huggins on Dental Implants and Bone Grafts

Some people recognise the name Huggins as synonymous with Mr. Mercury. In 1973 I was lecturing at an international meeting in Mexico City on the topic of using blood chemistry monitoring to guide patients into a lifestyle free from dental decay. Dr. Olympio Pinto (of Rio de Janeiro) introduced me to the concept that mercury came out of dental silver-mercury amalgam fillings and made patients sick. Sometimes lethally ill.
I was appalled and insulted by the idea, because at that time I taught a course on 4 and 6 handed dentistry (a one dentist and 1 or 2 assistants team) to efficiently place silver ‘alloys’ smoothly and rapidly. I was too proud of the technique I taught to call fillings amalgams, they were prestigious metallic ‘alloys’, or scientific mixtures of safe metals.