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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Realization dawns: The dangers of amalgam AND IMPLANTS...

Realization dawns:

The dangers of amalgam

An article by Dr Hal Huggins DDS, MS.


Dr. Hal Huggins on Dental Implants and Bone Grafts

Some people recognise the name Huggins as synonymous with Mr. Mercury. In 1973 I was lecturing at an international meeting in Mexico City on the topic of using blood chemistry monitoring to guide patients into a lifestyle free from dental decay. Dr. Olympio Pinto (of Rio de Janeiro) introduced me to the concept that mercury came out of dental silver-mercury amalgam fillings and made patients sick. Sometimes lethally ill.
I was appalled and insulted by the idea, because at that time I taught a course on 4 and 6 handed dentistry (a one dentist and 1 or 2 assistants team) to efficiently place silver ‘alloys’ smoothly and rapidly. I was too proud of the technique I taught to call fillings amalgams, they were prestigious metallic ‘alloys’, or scientific mixtures of safe metals.

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