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Sunday, May 10, 2015

'Medicine' and 'The Immune System'

Medicine - No

It is outrageous to believe that the introduction of filth into the human bloodstream is beneficial either in the vention of disease or to the healing process. Any morbid matter introduced into the bloodstream damages the immune system, sometimes to the extent of limiting the body’s ability to prevent disease or to heal itself. I find, with no exception to the rule, that any drug or vaccination used either in the treatment or prevention of disease is a total fraud.

The Immune System

The body houses a force, unbelievable, amazing, and astounding. This force known as the immune system has the ability to prevent every disease known to man. The ability to cure the most terrible cancers. The ability to send into remission, the largest tumors. This force is so powerful, it must certainly be the greatest creation in the universe next to life itself. For anyone to claim credit for the workings of this force, for anyone to tamper with the basic elements of this wondrous entity, is certainly fraudulent, a crime against nature. and a crime against man. For anyone to claim to “improve” or correct the workings of this astounding force is certainly an outrage and a sham and enough to cause me to despise that person.
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  1. What the government is doing is putting bacterias and viruses into the chemtrails along with aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. in which the people are inhaling as it falls from the sky, and then they are using EM (Electro-Magnetic) bad longitudinal scalar waves which is thinning the immune system by making it fight up to twelve different disease signatures of "virtual" diseases. Then they are planning to let out (spray) a disease such as anthrax or smallpox and about 3-5 times the number of people (in millions) willl then die from it. Read more at ===> (Re: how they are broadcasting diseases)