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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beneficial Microbes: The Suppressed Solution To Oil Spill Cleanup

microbesIn light of the recent oil spill in California, it’s time it’s governor Jerry Brown and the world comes to know about a solution that has been proven to quickly and effectively clean up oil spills. As will be explained, this solution has already been proven safe and effective and at a price far lower than conventional synthetic dispersants.
First, a little explanation of what these microbes are and how they help to clean up oil spills. According to the State of Texas General Land Office, microbes are bacteria that exist everywhere in nature and certain ones naturally feed off hydrocarbons, or oil, and create a mineralized byproduct that is healthy and safe for marine life to consume.
In the fall of 1989, the Texas General Land Office funded a test to reveal just how effective these microbes were at cleaning up oil. An official video on this test from the Texas General Land Office can be seen here, which goes into more detail on the parameters of the test as well as the truly remarkable results.
megaborgSynchronistically, just months later the Mega Borg oil tanker caught fire in the Gulf of Mexico where oil began leaking and continued for eight days. Texas Land Commissioner Garry Mauro and the Land Office then moved to get approval for the first open sea testing of the beneficial microbes. Over 100 pounds of the bacteria where mixed in with water and then dispersed into the ocean for the microbes to eat and clean up the oil.
Interestingly as well, the cost was about 1/10th of the cost compared to other clean up methods, which included several different toxic dispersants. Results were again dramatically positive and showed that no harmful side effects were found from the release of microbes into the water, as  stated by the Texas General Land Office.
In 1998, Garry Mauro ran for election of governor versus George W. Bush and was defeated. With the financial interest that the Bush family had with Halliburton and Monsanto, this cost-effective microbe solution was quickly swept under the rug.
sunlightWhat we now ask of the reader is to share this information far and wide with intention of it reaching governor Jerry Brown of California and the California Lands Commission. We stand at a point in our world where the scales are tipping in favor of holistic and natural solutions. With this information reaching those in places of certain levels of influence, together we can showcase this beautiful solution and prove once again the effectiveness of beneficial microbes for oil spill clean up.
With light,
Lance Schuttler, Team Spirit

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