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Monday, June 22, 2015

Holistic vs. Pharmaceutical

Holistic Medicine vs. Pharmaceutical Medicine
By:  Oshawanna - Blackfoot Tribe / Sun Clan

To the  Spiritual Traditional Native American Indian, it is believed that the Universal Creator has provided us all the medicines we need and that they come from the fields of the earth. The Native Medicine Man calls pharmaceutical PHARMAKEA. They believe these drugs are a form of sorcery. For every pharmaceutical drug it requires a small amount of herb for them to even work and then mixed with harmful creations of synthetics & statins they will it is someone practicing the dark arts of potion making.

A Native Medicine Man walks a strict path of  living with positive emotions of love & compassion which has earned them many SPIRITUAL GIFTS. Natives believe the Creator manifests  through each & every one of us so when the Medicine men or women make their powerful holistic medicines, they use the ENERGY of the Creator which is of the highest vibrational frequency. This is why these types of holistic medicine are so much more powerful than prescription medications which are only made of lower vibrational energies. Which this may explain why there are so many negative side affects from pharmaceutical. Isn't it ironic how many people of the "western world" refer to Native American Medicine Men as "witch doctors"?

A Medicine Man will tell you that they can remove the negative manifestation of disease or sickness from your body, but it will now be up to you to now come full circle and change yourself within and heal from the negative emotions of your past from within. For example, chronic kidney problems are manifested by harboring angry emotions in regards to a parent.

I believe these are the answers mankind will be looking for in these times of turmoil as written in biblical & native prophecies.

Shaman & Medicine Man -
Mark White Eagle (575) 910-0849

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