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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to Protect Yourself Against Diseases You Thought Were Extinct — Leprosy, Plague, Scurvy And More

Many diseases that were thought to be extinct have begun to reappear in different parts of the world, and even ‘ancient diseases’ such as leprosy can still be found in the US. Although most are caused by poverty, poor sanitation, or are transferred from animals, other diseases such as rickets have reappeared as a result of parent’s attempts to protect their children from sun exposure. While the majority of the US population is lining up to get the latest vaccine or flu shot to protect themselves from this year’s ‘superbug’, many people in poor countries are still battling with conditions such as rickets and bubonic plague. Takes a look at four diseases that are still lurking in various parts of the planet, including in the US. MORE:

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