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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Fourteen years ago the world's 
largest chocolate producers signed 
the Harkin-Engel Protocol, an 
agreement intended to wipe out 
the use of child labor in chocolate 
If carried out completely, that 
agreement stood to make a big 
difference for the children of the 
West African nation of the Ivory 
Coast, from which flows 40 
percent of global cocoa production. 
But from border towns in neighboring 
countries, via bus and motorcycles 
speeding down back roads, slave 
traders are on the move, and selling 
boys and girls. Each swing of the 
child slaves' machetes benefits the 
bottom line of the world's largest 
chocolate companies. Despite 
signing the Henkin-Engel Protocol, 
in 2010 the big chocolate companies 
said they were not responsible for 
maintaining labor standards as they 
outsource most of the cocoa 
production process. 

Video (47 minutes): 

'The Dark Side Of Chocolate' - (2010)

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