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Friday, April 17, 2015

From Spice Rack To Medicine Cabinet — Combine Cinnamon And Honey To Protect Against Arthritis, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Ulcers And More

The potent combination of cinnamon and honey acts as a natural antibiotic as well as a general cure-all for a number of diseases. Honey is available worldwide and one of the most popular forms used for healing coming from New Zealand. Manuka honey is created by bees that feed from the manuka tree that grows wild throughout New Zeland. This type of honey has powerful medicinal properties; however, raw unfiltered honey of any type has remarkable health potential as well. When purchasing honey, be sure to look for organic, unfiltered, raw honey that has not undergone pasteurization. Only buy Manuka honey from well-known, reputable companies as there are many fakes being sold as Manuka honey. MORE:

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