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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

links: The Truth About Cancer, Episode 2: "Your First Line of Defense"

The second episode in our series is starting shortly.
It will air on this page here.
Tonight’s show talks about your first line of defense in

preventing and treating cancer.
We’re talking about... your immune system.
Yup, from colds to cancer, your immune system is what

keeps you healthy.
Tonight you’re going to learn all about your immune system,

how it works, and how to ensure that it’s operating optimally.
At minute 27:33, I sit down with Dr. Tony Jimenez

and he shares with us why our immune system cannot

see cancer stem cells, how only 1% of cells are cancer

stem cells and why two specific popular treatment methods

actually strengthen the cancer stem cells.
Which means if those treatment methods are used, it may cause

cancer to come back, even if its in remission.
You absolutely want to see tonight’s show

Watch episode 2 here
I’ll see you there
Ty Bollinger
PS. Just a friendly reminder that each episode is available for

about 23 hours -- from 9pm - 8pm (the next day Eastern US time)
Be sure to schedule time to watch each show as the information

could save your life, or someone you love.
PPS. We are doing something completely brand new for this series

to ensure you get all the information you need and all your questions

We are asking that you simply write down your top 2 questions from

each episode and send them in using the links on the episode page

Then we are going to hold a special LIVE broadcast

to answer all of your questions at the end of the series.
In the meantime - be sure to watch episode 2 here and let us know

if you have any questions.

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