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Friday, April 3, 2015

NaturalNews: "Homegrown Food Summit starts in 4 days"

With food prices skyrocketing, California now in an extreme emergency drought, and one-third of America's food supply headed for agricultural collapse, everybody wants to know how to produce their own food at home.

There are a multitude of ways to do it: soil gardening, sprouting, vertical gardening, aquaponics, hydroponics, the Food Rising grow system and many more.

But what really works best? Which system produces the most food with the least effort and minimal risk of catastrophic food production failure?

The answers are delivered in an exciting new summit launching next week called the Homegrown Food Summit. It's hosted by Marjory Wildcraft, an extremely knowledgeable self-reliance expert who is a 100% hands-on food producer. I've been to her ranch, in fact, and I've seen how she's able to produce fruits, vegetables, herbal medicines and fresh meats (rabbit meat) using sustainable food production systems that are designed to remain fully intact even when everything else collapses.

To pass this extremely valuable knowledge on to you, she gathered many of the world's top homegrown food experts to participate in a series of interviews that explore a wealth of knowledge.

Watch Marjory's introductory video here.

In the Homegrown Food Summit, you'll learn from people like Paul Wheaton, Joel Salatin, Sylvia Bernstein (author of a popular aquaponics book), Julia Parker-Dickerson, John Jeavons and many more. I'm also part of the fun, with a presentation called "8 Reasons You Are Insane If You Aren't Growing Some Of Your Own Food!"
Marjory also features her own presentation called "How to produce half of your food in your back yard in less than an hour per day."
Registration costs you nothing. You can listen to all the interviews beginning in just four days. Click here to register now.

List of speakers and presentation topics

Mike Adams: 8 Reasons You Are Insane If You Aren't Growing Some Of Your Own Food

Julia Parker-Dickerson: Youth Gardening: Getting The Next Generation Growing

John Jeavons: GROW Bio-Intensive Gardening: Food And Income In Your Backyard

Sally Fallon: The Natural Selection Of The Wise

Sylvia Bernstein: Aquaponics - Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Joel Salatin: Working With Kids So They Will Want To Work With You

Jeannette Beranger: Picking Chicken Breeds Best For Your Yard

Paul Wheaton: Comparing The 6 Ways To Keep Chickens and Which Is Best For You

John Kohler: Growing Your Greens

Kendra Lynne: How To Preserve Food Water Bath and Pressure Canning

Rick Austin: Secret Garden Of Survival

Jill Winger: Mulch Gardening Secrets

Stephen Scott: Quality Seed Saving

Wardeh Harmon: How To Preserve Food By Fermentation

Gary & Valerie: 7 Ways We Change The World Growing Our Own Food

Jackson Landers: Beginners Guide To Hunting Deer For Food

Leslie Parsons: Detox Your Garden

Brad Lancaster: 8 Steps To Welcome Rain Into Your Life and Landscape

Katrina Blair: 13 Wild Weeds Essential For Human Survival

Toby Hemenway: Permaculture Guilds: The Building Blocks For Food Forests

Doug Simons: Communicating With Plants

David Goodman: 13 Tips, Tricks, And Lessons From Homesteading an Acre

Allen Davisson: How To Eat & Enjoy Insects

Tom Elpel: Botany In A Day

Joel Karsten: Straw Bale Gardening

Jim Kennard: 6 Laws Of Plant Growth And The Mittleider Method

Woniya Thibeault: Living Without Refrigeration

Laurie Neverman: 10 Reason To Grow Up Instead of Out
Don't miss this rare and extremely valuable collection of food self-reliance wisdom.

Enjoy! And thank you for your support. :-)
- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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