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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Side Effect Free Chemotherapy Trial Posts Phenomenal Results

I have had the great fortune of witnessing what I consider to be history in the making.
Dr. Ken Matsamura and his colleagues at the Alin Foundation have reported significant responses and data from their phase II trial of Side Effect Free Chemo (SEF).
Dr. Matsamura has a satellite location in Toronto under the guidance of Dr. Akbar Khan which has augmented and further confirmed their results.
From their websites (emphasis is mine):
Late Bulletin:  Not only did all four “hopeless” cancer patients in the earliest 2005 trial go onto long term complete remissions, with the longest survivor now nine years without cancer, the Toronto Center just reported that 100% of patients enrolled between February and August of 2014 responded strongly to SEF Chemo. They include types of cancer not treatable by conventional therapy, such as stage 4 soft tissue sarcoma, melanoma, and pancreatic cancers.

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