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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Kidney Stone Removal Report


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Kidney Stone Removal Report

The Kidney Stone Removal Report
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A Note about How the Report is Organized

In the following report, you'll find a vast array of information provided to help you win your battle against the devastating affects of kidney stones. For your convenience, please find an overview of the chapters below.
Chapter One: The Kidney Stone Removal Remedy
Beginning with the highly-acclaimed Kidney Stone Removal Remedy, you will learn how common items found in your local supermarket can begin your process of healing within 24 hours.
Chapter Two: Frequently Asked Questions
If you are like many other kidney stone sufferers, you’ve done your research. You are inquisitive and want to know everything you can about how a particular remedy is supposed to work. In Chapter Two, you’ll find answers to all of your most commonly asked questions about The Kidney Stone Removal Remedy.
Chapter Three: Alternative Kidney Stone Remedies
In addition to the revolutionary remedy found in Chapter One, you will also learn six successful alternative kidney stone removal remedies. From Celery Seed Tea to a Watermelon Cleanse, you’ll discover simple techniques to begin eliminating your kidney stones immediately.
Chapter Four: Kidney Cleanse
In order to help keep your kidneys performing at peak capacity, we detail a thorough all-natural kidney cleanse in this section.
Chapter Five: Kidney Stone Prevention
Whether you are recovering from previous kidney stone occurrences or just want to prevent having kidney stones in the future, this chapter details simple, everyday ways you can greatly reduce your risk of suffering the pain and inconvenience of kidney stones. Discover the simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones from ever having to suffer through kidney stones again.
If you’re ready to begin regaining control of your life, then we encourage you to read on and learn how you can start finding your good health beginning today!


The Kidney Stone Removal Remedy

It may surprise you that one of the most effective home remedies to removing kidney stones doesn’t require you to be an expert homeopath. You may find it amazing that one of the most successful home remedies to removing your kidney stones without any pain won’t cost you a great sum of money, nor will it require you to search high and low for obscure, hard to find ingredients.
Note: If you are diabetic, you'll be happy to know that my report is safe for you, too! My remedy does not require drinking any sugar or caffeine! My remedy is also safe for pregnant women (except for the celery seed tea remedy). Of course, as with any remedy or course of action that will affect your health—and as detailed within the disclaimer above—please consult your physician before beginning any new health, dietary, or exercise routine.

Beginning the Remedy

To get started with the remedy, you’ll need to head down to your local supermarket for one of the quickest, yet most powerful shopping trips you’ll ever make.

Required Ingredients

  • 6-pack (cans) of Coca-Cola, or a 2-liter bottle of Coke. Pepsi would probably work, too—but, we have not established proof of its effectiveness yet.
Note:The original Kidney Stone Removal Remedy calls for Classic Coke™. However, we have learned that Diet and Caffeine-Free versions also work! Both have phosphoric acid—this is one of the main catalysts for dissolving your kidney stones. In addition, due to its high phosphoric acid content, Dr. Pepper would likely work as well.
  • 6–8 oz. fresh asparagus, puréed (canned or frozen works, too)
  • A high-speed blender
  • Distilled water


1.    Over the course of 2 hours, drink the 72 ounces of Coke.
2.    Steam or quickly boil the asparagus. Process in the blender until well-puréed.
3.    Within 5 minutes from drinking the last 12 ounces, eat the asparagus purée. Rather than simply gulping it down, try to mix the purée well with your saliva.
The remedy begins working immediately and, within a few hours, you’ll begin to pass the stones through your urine as sand-like particles.

Keys to Success

  • The remedy works best if done on an empty stomach during mid-morning time. This will allow you to have more time to expel the by-products of the cleanse.
  • Continue to drink a large quantity of distilled water immediately after taking the asparagus. The water will serve to re-hydrate your body. The qualities of Coke will begin to dehydrate you, so the water helps to prevent this from happening.
  • Try to capture the sludge that passes and bring it to your doctor for further examination, and to prevent future kidney stones.
  • Although you can resume your normal diet immediately after you finish this remedy, it is best to wait between one and two hours before eating to allow the remedy to achieve the best results.
  • If the kidney stones are not all passed the first day, repeat the process within 3 days. If you have a scheduled surgery, repeat the next day!
Important Note:
We strongly recommend that you visit your doctor to confirm your stone is gone. Sometimes your pain will subside, yet the stone will still be there. It's possible that is has simply moved and become stuck elsewhere. If that is the case, additional procedures will be required to prevent a kidney infection, or UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). If you are not 100% sure of the stone’s passage, please visit your doctor to confirm your kidney stone has passed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have been asked a number of questions about the remedy itself, including why does it work. Because it is our goal to help you regain control over your health and body, we wanted to share our answers to these most frequently asked questions. We trust that these will help you on your path to higher learning about kidney stones and health in general.
Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:
Q: "Can I drink the Coke cold, or should it be luke-warm?"
A: It can be cold or warm—it's up to your own personal preference. However, we have found that some people find luke-warm Coke goes down quicker and easier than cold Coke.
Q: "I thought Coke was known for causing kidney stones, not dissolving them. Can you explain why this remedy works?
A: Yes, as a preventative measure Coke is not helpful to kidney stone sufferers because it dehydrates your body–as does any other soda pop with caffeine. So, we don't recommend drinking Coke as a prevention solution. But for this remedy, the Coke works to dissolve your stones. As long as you follow the remedy and drink plenty of water following the treatment you will be rehydrated and avoid any ill-effects. Always drink a lot of water—now and for the rest of your life!
Q: "Can I use canned asparagus or does it need to be fresh?"
A: Canned or frozen asparagus works, but—because none of the nutritive qualities have been lost in the preservation process—fresh asparagus is best.
Q: "What is a ‘purée’?"
A: Purée is simply the liquefied form the asparagus takes after you put the asparagus in a blender. First, boil or steam the asparagus for about five minutes. Then, put the asparagus in the blender until it is liquefied. Drink it all. If the taste is too unappealing, season to taste with garlic and/or sea salt.
Q: "Do I have to do this in the morning, or can I try it in the afternoon?"
A: So the caffeine doesn't keep you up all night long, we suggest you start in the morning. Otherwise, you can do this remedy at anytime of day that works best for you.
Q: “Why does the remedy work?”
A: The phosphoric acid in the Coke helps break down the stones and the asparagus acts as a diuretic to flush out the tiny crystals. The pH change produced by the Coke causes increased hydrogen ion secretion in the nephons of the kidney.
The liver plays no role in acid base regulation. The increased acidity tends to break the stones into smaller particles which may be more easily passed. The increased acidity also is a nice precaution against UTIs (bladder infections)—which don't do well in an acidic environment.
Q: “I have ideas to help you further. How can I contact you?”
A: We are constantly looking to improve the information we provide to kidney stone sufferers around the world. We welcome your comments and suggestions. To date, we have received a large volume of correspondence from users around the world. A number of doctors I’ve consulted swear by this remedy and have used it with their patients and even themselves! We have had nurses across the United States recommend my remedy to their patients! In the next few days, you will receive an email follow-up from me.
I appreciate your feedback and am constantly updating and improving my website to help you. If you have any questions, please email me:


Alternative Kidney Stone Remedies

It’s a fact of life:
Because everybody is unique, not all kidney stone remedies will work for every individual.
But, before you despair, take hope. The great thing about natural kidney stone removal remedies is that if one doesn’t work, there are always others to try. To that end, we have collected a number of the most effective kidney stone remedies available today. These all-natural, simple to prepare and administer remedies can be used by just about all kidney stone sufferers.*
If you did not achieve maximum benefits from the Coke and Asparagus Kidney Stone Removal Remedy, please try these remedies. For the greatest chance of success, each remedy should be tried at least twice before moving on to another. The remedies are pain-free and begin working immediately, but it has taken time for the body to build up the kidney stones, so you must allow for time to eliminate them. If after 2–3 repeated administrations of a given remedy, you do not note any significant improvement, try another remedy and repeat as directed.
Remember when dissolving any type of stone, kidney or gallbladder, 100 small stones will always dissolve faster than 1 large stone. Think of a bag of ice cubes that will melt faster than a big block of ice. So, any chosen remedy can be repeated as often as needed until all the gravel, or the Rock of Gibraltar is gone.
*Note: The Watermelon Cleanse should NOT be used by diabetics.

Celery Seed Tea Remedy

*Warning - Consult with your health care practitioner before following this, or any, remedy. Celery seed should not be taken by pregnant women because it may cause uterine bleeding.
We’re always looking for new and improved remedies to treat kidney stones. Recently, we received a letter from a customer of ours who wanted to share his all-natural kidney stone remedy. After verification of the remedy’s effectiveness, we decided that it was important to share it with you.
Required Ingredients
2 Tablespoons celery seed
2 cups water, boiled
1.    Bring water to boil.
2.    Add celery seeds and cook until soft
3.    Remove mixture from heat.
4.    Strain seeds to remove from water.
5.    Drink the tea in ½ cup measurements once every hour (e.g., over the course of 3-4 hours)
As with the original remedy, try to keep from urinating for as long as possible. If you have the same results as our writer, you’ll notice your kidney stones eliminated quickly and easily.
For your reference, we have enclosed the letter sent to Joe below.
Dear Joe, The day I ordered your kidney stone remedy I had also found another one on the internet. It consisted of drinking celery seed tea over a four hour period. As soon as I finished the tea I felt I had to go to the bathroom and out it popped. To make the story short I never did get to use your recipe and hopefully I never will.
The celery tea recipe is 2 tablespoons of celery seed boiled in 2 cups of water until soft then strained off. Drink 1/2 cup every hour until gone. Then wait and see what happens.
John H.

Watermelon Cleanse

Important: The Watermelon Cleanse is NOT intended for diabetics.
For prevention and elimination of kidney stones, we’ve found that one of the easiest ways to cleanse the kidney is with a watermelon cleanse.
Required Ingredient
20-40 kg of watermelon (this equals a few large melons)
1.    Fill a bath with warm water.
2.    Enter your tub and eat watermelon. Yes, it’s that simple.
Your goal is to eat as much watermelon as you can throughout the day. You will continually empty your urinary bladder into the water. We know that sounds gross, but you can do it—especially since you’re looking to improve your health and eliminate kidney stones, right?
Using this simple technique, people have dissolved big stones and then passed small kidney stones (sand) out of their body for years.

Jump and Bump Remedy

Don’t worry; even though this remedy sounds like it might be only for the athletically-inclined, it’s actually very simple and just about anybody can do it.
The Jump and Bump Remedy is an all-natural method of passing kidney stones that is extremely fast, nearly painless, and especially effective for first-time kidney stone sufferers.
To learn all about the Jump and Bump remedy, visit their informative site at

Lemon Juice and Oil

The Coke and Asparagus remedy works better for some people than others. Therefore, to be able to help the greatest number of people, we have researched and developed another alternative solution that has worked very well for people.
Required Ingredients
  • Extra virgin light olive oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Water
Optional Ingredients*
  • Apple juice
  • Black walnut hulls
  • Uva Ursi leaves
  • Cascara Sagrada
* Be sure to consult your physician regarding these optional ingredients.
Procedure for Immediate Kidney Stone Relief
1.    Pour 3 ounces of the extra virgin light olive oil and 3 ounces of lemon juice (fresh squeezed or bottled) into a glass.
2.    Mix together with a spoon.
3.    Preferably, right before bedtime, drink the mixture.
4.    Repeat every day until the stones pass.
5.    Be sure to drink no less than 10 glasses of water throughout each of the next 3 days, especially when you wake and right before bedtime.
Why This Remedy Works
Olive oil acts as a lubricant in your body, making your kidney stones pass easier through your urinary tract. The lemon juice is highly acidic, thus helps break down the stones, making passage much easier. The combination of both ingredients will work well to get rid of your kidney stones. It has been reported that this remedy has produced relief in as little as 2 hours.
Tip: If you are having trouble drinking the above mixture, simply use a little honey (though this may not be recommended for diabetics). Put some honey in your mouth before drinking the mixture. Also, try holding your nose to help it go down without tasting it. Even though most people won’t have any problems drinking the mixture, these techniques should help make the process more tolerable.
Additional Relief
Try sleeping on the side of your body that does not have the kidney stones. This will also help your body use the lemon juice, olive oil, and water more efficiently.

One Cherry Remedy

Believe it or not, in recent studies cherries have been proven to help arthritis sufferers relieve the pain associated with their illnesses (see an excerpt from the latest report below). Initially thought to be a function of their anti-inflammatory properties, it has come to light that the cherries actually help reduce urate levels (partly responsible for the creation of uric acid kidney stones).
By applying the successes of the arthritis research to kidney stone sufferers, we are beginning to find some encouraging evidence for healing.
Required Ingredients
CHERRIES! Black, sweet yellow, or red cherries have all shown to be effective. Frozen or canned cherries can also be used. Blueberries, strawberries, and other red-blue berries have also been shown beneficial.
In a 1950s study by Dr. Ludwig W. Blau, he found that 6–8 cherries eaten daily significantly reduced occurrences of gout (a particularly painful form of arthritis). Dr. Blau recommended eating 20-30 cherries immediately at the onset of an attack. For addressing uric kidney stones, a daily regimen of eating one-half pound of cherries a day for 3–5 days is suggested.
United States Agricultural Research Service: Cherries:
"Our main focus in this study was gout, a very painful form of arthritis," says co-investigator Darshan S. Kelley, a chemist at the nutrition center. "During gout attacks, crystals of a naturally occurring chemical, uric acid, accumulate in joints—commonly in the toes—and cause pain. Urate in blood plasma is a precursor of these uric acid crystals. So, we closely measured volunteers' levels of plasma urate.
"We also indirectly measured the amount of urate that was moved out of the body in urine. We took blood plasma and urine samples before the volunteers ate the cherry breakfast and at intervals of 1-1/2, 3, and 5 hours afterward."
Volunteers' plasma urate levels decreased significantly over the 5 hours after their meal of cherries. Levels of urate removed from the body in urine increased over those 5 hours.
These urate results strongly suggest that cherries can play an important role in fighting gout. So do the results from the scientists' assays of some other indicators of inflammation. Significant changes in the levels of markers are an indication of a healthy immune system at work, attacking inflammation. Markers monitored included C-reactive protein, nitric oxide, and tumor necrosis factor alpha.


Kidney Cleanse

One of the most beneficial things you can do to help eliminate existing kidney stones and/or prevent new occurrences of kidney stones is to perform a kidney cleanse. A kidney cleanse can help your body begin self-regulating again with greater efficiency and renewed vigor.


A kidney cleanse is done in order to cleanse the delicate kidney tubules and supporting tissues from foreign substances which have collected there due to the body's inability to eliminate them via the usual way, namely the ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra (urinary apparatus). Maybe it is the body's innate wisdom to know that normal unassisted passage of debris would cause frequent and severe pain. Ask a kidney stone sufferer how much pain he or she endured the last time a stone passed. It is much worse than giving birth!
The kidneys are one of the major eliminative organs. They must be thoroughly cleansed in order to prepare the body for any eliminative crisis which might result when further demands are placed upon them due to a liver cleanse, intestinal cleanses, improved diet and/or tissue cleanse.

Kidney Cleanse Ingredients

A. You can purchase the following items at an herbal supply house.
  • 1/4 cup dried Hydrangea root
  • 1/4 cup Gravel root
  • 1/4 cup Marshmallow root
  • 1/4 cup Cleaver’s herb
  • 1/4 cup Uva Ursi leaves
When you order your herbs from your own source, be careful! All herb companies are not the same! These roots should have a strong fragrance. If the ones you are about to buy are barely fragrant, they have lost their active ingredients and potency; switch to another alternate supplier. Fresh roots can be used. Do not use powdered herbs.
B. You can purchase the following items in a local health food store.
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Goldenrod tincture (leave this out of the recipe if you are allergic to it)
  • Ginger capsules (if unavailable in capsules, buy crystallized ginger root and eat a couple of pieces when capsules are indicated).
  • Vitamin B6 (250 mg)
  • Magnesium oxide tablets (300 mg)
C. You can purchase the following item at your local fruit and/or vegetable store.
  • 1 large bunch of fresh parsley
Note: The original Hulda Clark formula included Black Cherry concentrate. The reason for its addition was not given, but we assume it would have only provided a better taste to the herbal tea. We removed it because it is virtually impossible to obtain fresh juice without the cane sugar additives.

An Explanation of the Kidney Cleanse Ingredients

Juniper is one of the finest herbs available for healing and restoring the kidneys. The action of juniper is so immediate that the ache of kidney pain can be removed within minutes after chewing a few of the berries. Juniper is available in any good natural food store.
Golden Seal can stop a bleeding bladder infection overnight or within a few hours.
Hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) is a common flowering bush. It is a remarkable herb and contains curative principles second to none in nature. It has alkaloids that act like cortisone and has the same cleansing power as chaparral, but is specifically useful for preventing gravel deposits from forming. Hydrangea is known as a remedy for gravel and helps relieve the pain when the formations pass through the ureters from the kidneys to the bladder.
Hydrangea's principal uses are for: arteriosclerosis, arthritis, backaches, caluli, gallstones, gonorrhea, gout, kidney problems, kidney stones, general pain, renal irritations, rheumatism, and urinary problems.
Gravel Root (Eupatorium purpureum) is a tall, wild flower commonly called "Queen of the Meadow." This plant is used in the treatment of renal or urinary calculi (stones) caused by excess uric acid (typical of excessive meat consumption); hence it is also useful as an astringent tonic, diuretic, stimulant, antilithic, and anti-rheumatic in gout and rheumatism.
Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis) contains mucilage which helps aid the expectorant influence of difficult phlegm. It heals inflammation and prevents gangrene and other infections such as open wounds. It is a great healing herb and has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant . It contains 286,000 units of Vitamin A per pound and is rich in calcium and extremely rich in zinc. It also contains iron, sodium, iodine, B-complex, and pantothenic acid.
Cleaver’s herb (Galium aparine), also called Goosegrass, is an excellent soothing, relaxing, and diffusive remedy for painful urination associated with cystitis. The herb reduces body temperature and high blood pressure. Specifically focused on stone removal, this herb soothes and supports the kidneys during the cleanse and removes (or alleviates) any possible pain associated with the passage of stones. Cleaver’s powerfully stimulates the lymphatic system and relieves swollen lymph glands. The medicinal uses of Cleaver’s herbs also include: gravel, scalding urine, bladder irritation, dropsy, scrofula, cancer, ulcers, scurvy, suppression of urine, obstruction of urinary organs, gonorrhea, sore nipples, and general wounds.
A Note for Diabetics: As Cleaver’s herb is a powerful diuretic, it should not be given where there is a tendency for diabetes.
Uva Ursi leaves (Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi), also called Bearberry, is a diuretic and antiseptic. It is specifically used for kidney and bladder infections. It is also used for bronchitis and urinary incontinence.
A Note for Diabetics: As Uva Ursi is a powerful diuretic, it should not be given where there is a tendency for diabetes.
Fresh Parsley (Petroselinum sativum) is high in Vitamin B, A and C as well as potassium. It is rich in iron and chlorophyll, and contains some sodium, copper, thiamin, and riboflavin. The roots and leaves are very good for all liver and spleen problems when jaundice and venereal disease is present. It has a tonic effect on the entire urinary system and is even considered a cancer preventive. Parsley flakes and dried parsley does not work!
Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea) is used as and anti-inflammatory and expectorant agent. Externally it is applied in poultices or ointment to assist tissue healing and internally it serves the same purpose in urino-genital inflammation
Allergen Note: Goldenrod works as well as a tincture, but you may get an allergic reaction from smelling the herb. If you know that you are allergic to this herb, leave this one out of your recipe.
Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is very effective as a cleansing agent for the bowels and kidneys and also for the skin.You might want to put it into capsules for yourself (size 0, 1 or 00). Ginger is an excellent herb to combine with other herbs to enhance their effectiveness. When added to dishes, it helps the intestines to detoxify the meat (if you insist in continuing to eat meat.)


1.    Measure and set the roots to soak together in 10 cups of cold tap water. Use a non-metal container and a non-metal lid (a dinner plate will do).
2.    After soaking for four (4) hours (overnight is better), heat this mixture to boiling and simmer it for 20 minutes.
3.    Drink a 1/4 cup as soon as it is cool enough.
4.    Pour the rest through a bamboo strainer (non-metal) into a sterile pint jar (glass container) and several freezable containers.
5.    Refrigerate the glass jar.
6.    After rinsing, boil the fresh parsley in 1 quart of water for three minutes.
7.    Drink 1/4 cup of this mixture when cool enough.
8.    Note: Because parsley spoils more rapidly than the root mixture, refrigerate a pint and freeze 1 pint. Discard the rest of the parsley.


1.    Each morning, pour together 3/4 cup of the root mixture and 1/2 cup parsley water in a large mug.
2.    Add 20 drops of Goldenrod tincture and 1 tablespoon of glycerin.
3.    Drink this mixture in divided doses throughout the day. Keep cold. Do not drink it all at once or you will get a stomach ache and feel pressure in your bladder. If your stomach is very sensitive, or you know that you have kidney stones, are over 70 years old, or sense pressure in the bladder, do only half this dose or less (see below for caution notice).
4.    Save the roots after the first boiling; storing them in the freezer. When your supply runs low, boil them a second time, but add only six (6) cups water and simmer for only 10 minutes.
5.    You may cook the roots a third time if you wish, but the recipe gets less potent. If your problem is severe, only cook the roots twice.
6.    Also take:
o    Ginger (capsules): one with each meal - three (3) per day
o    Vitamin B6 (250 mg): one per day
o    Magnesium oxide (300 mg): one per day
o    Beyond their natural benefits, taking these supplements just before your meal will help you to avoid burping.
Additional Notes Regarding this Recipe
This herbal tea, as well as the parsley, can easily spoil. If you are storing the mixture in the refrigerator, you’ll want to be sure it is sterilized. To do so, heat the mixture to boiling every fourth day. If you sterilize it in the morning you can take it to work without refrigeration (use a glass container).


A kidney cleanse should be done twice a year if possible. Ideally, it should be part of a semi-annual kidney/liver/parasite cleanse. The sequence of these cleanses is very important and enhances the overall results of each.
Normal Cleanse Duration: 3 weeks
Caution: Elderly persons, those suffering from the eliminative process of cancer, and other special cases should do only half of a kidney cleansing regimen.
Such a regimen would include:
  • 1/2 dosage of kidney herbs for first five days
  • Full dosage for two weeks
  • Half dosage for three months
A Note about Herbs and Oxalic Acids
There are literally dozens of herbs that can dissolve kidney stones safely. If you can only find some, but not all of those herbs in the recipe, make the recipe anyway; it will just take a little longer to get results. Remember that taking vitamin B6 and magnesium daily will prevent oxalate stones from forming—but, only if you stop drinking tea! According to "Food Values” by Pennington and Church (1985), tea has 15.6 mg oxalic acid per cup. A tall glass of iced tea could give you over 20 mg of oxalic acid. For best results, switch to single herb teas. Cocoa and chocolate also have too much oxalic acid to be use as beverage.
Remember that phosphate crystals are made when you eat too much phosphate-containing food. Phosphate levels are high in meats, breads, cereals, pastas, and carbonated drinks. Increase fruits and vegetables soaked these in ozonated water to remove pesticides. Drink at least two (2) pints of water per day.
A Note for Diabetics: Diabetics might want to immediately eliminate ALL artificial sweeteners from their diet. Artificial sweeteners contain traces of wood alcohol (methanol) which accumulate in the pancreas and invite the pancreatic fluke (a parasite). If you do eliminate artificial sweeteners, you must monitor yourself more closely for a while as your condition might improve significantly due to this change alone and you might need less therapeutic insulin.
Sulfur containing
Dicalcium phosphate
Also causes common arthritis, hardening of arteries, spurs
Eliminate or largely decrease phosphate-rich food such as meat, breads, cereals, pastas, and carbonated drinks. Increase fruit and vegetables and milk 2%, take magnesium oxide (300mg/day) and Vitamin B6 (250 mg/day). Drink at least two pints of water per day
Monocalcium phosphate
Also causes common arthritis, hardening of arteries, spurs
Same as above
Tri-calcium phosphate
Also causes common arthritis, hardening of arteries, spurs
Same as above
Cause of lower back pain 95% of the time
Stones caused by oxalic acid in regular Orange Pekoe tea including iced tea (15.6 mg oxalic acid per tea bags). Also eliminate cocoa drinks and chocolate of all kinds
Uric acid
Also causes gout and arthritis
Meat produces urea and its by-products. It is also highly acid-forming which requires more calcium from living vegetable sources to neutralize these acids.


Kidney Stone Prevention

Now that you've had kidney stones, I'm sure you don't ever want to have them again!
Unfortunately, people who get kidney stones are much more likely to get them again. Some people fight a lifelong battle of kidney stones, forming them and passing them with no end in sight.
Thankfully, there are things you can do in your life that will help keep you healthy and kidney stone-free for the rest of your life. To best address your kidney stone situation and prevent any additional occurrences, it's important to check with your doctor to find out the exact composition of your stone. Knowing the composition of your stones will allow you to receive more customized prevention tips.
It's Time for You to Take Action
For the most part, you are in control of your own health. Kidney stones can be prevented and largely avoided with the following lifestyle modifications.

Drink Distilled Water with a Twist of Lemon

There is an abundance of evidence that proves one major cause of kidney stones is dehydration. Often, kidney stone sufferers live in the South region of the United States where the weather gets hot and humid. These conditions lead people to lose more water than they take in and the kidneys are affected negatively when this happens. It is very important that you drink at least 8 full glasses of water every day.
A good guideline is 16 ounces of water every two hours that you are awake. Also, there is even more encouraging benefits to your health when the water you drink is distilled. Distilled water is, as Dr. Weil puts it, "water that has been turned into steam so its impurities are left behind. The steam is then condensed to make pure water. The process of distillation kills and removes virtually all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other organic and inorganic contaminants. Once distilled, the water is as pure as water can reasonably be." There are some myths that distilled water is not good for you, but that is nonsense. It is the best kind of water there is: pure. And, if you add a twist of lemon to your water, we can assure you that will also help you from ever forming another kidney stone for the rest of your life.
A good indicator as to whether you are drinking enough water is the color of your urine. If it is bright yellow or dark, you need more water. It should be almost clear. Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink water. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

Change Your Diet

Your diet obviously plays an important role in your health and well-being. This is true with prevention of kidney stones as well. Some things to consider when modifying your diet include:
  • Research has shown that spicy foods increase the chance of kidney stone formation. A tribe in Fiji that eats bland foods with no spices had far less occurrences of kidney stones compared with a similar tribe that ate the same base foods, but with curries and spices.
  • Reduce your dairy food intake. In other words, consume less milk and cheese. But, this isn't as big of a risk compared to other risks.
  • Avoid drinking any kind of beverage with caffeine in it. This includes most soda pop, most tea, and coffee.
  • Other foods to avoid in excess include: apple juice, grapefruit juice, excess Vitamins C and D, chocolate, rhubarb, spinach, wheat bran, nuts, cranberries, and beans. This does not mean you need to cut these foods out of your diet completely—just don't over do it and eat in moderation.

Get Moving—Don’t Be Lazy!

OK, that title might sound a bit harsh, but research shows that people who live a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to develop kidney stones. You've heard this a million times, but exercise is good for you. What are you waiting for? Go do it!
Start by walking around the block, then increase that more as your body gets used to it. We recommend using a step-o-meter (pedometer), like the ones McDonalds had recently in their "Go Active Meals." Try walking 10,000 steps per day. The benefits you’ll see are more than just kidney stone prevention! You'll feel better, have more energy, lose weight, and will stimulate other areas of fun in your life! Remember, each step you take is one step closer to no kidney stones ever again!

Medications to Avoid

If you are taking Diamox or Crixivan, please talk to your doctor about changing prescriptions. These particular drugs have been associated with an increase in kidney stone formation.

Nutritional Supplements

There is a product you should become familiar with that provides a solution for kidney maintenance that has proven to keep people free from kidney stones by giving optimum supplementation to keep your urine at optimum pH levels. We’ve already discussed it in the report and it bears repeating.

Natural Medicines

While Western medicine has become the norm in many cultures, it is not the only treatment option. Conventional western medicine, often called allopathic medicine, is the system of medicine taught at most medical schools and most pharmaceutical and synthetic medicines are manufactured and marketed according to the principles of allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine is also sometimes called orthodox medicine.
Because most of us in the Western world have grown up in a society in which allopathic medicine is the prevailing norm, we forget that, only a few decades ago, homeopathic, herbal and other natural medicines were commonly available – and freely used even by conventional doctors. While there are often heated debates about which system of medicine is ‘better’ than the other, many responsible doctors (whether they are allopathic or not) recognize that both have a role to play in the treatment program. Natural medicine has often been frowned on by conventional doctors, especially by those who did not have sufficient knowledge of these medicines. However, it is encouraging to note that some medical schools are now beginning to re-introduce it into their course work, thereby providing doctors with a wider range of treatment options from which to choose. In many countries, especially in Europe, India and China, natural and homeopathic medicines are commonly prescribed by conventional doctors and represent a significant part of the total annual drug sales.
Naturopathy is a branch of medicine (just as allopathy is a branch of medicine) which operates according to the underlying philosophy that the body has an innate capacity to heal itself. While natural medicines are often called ‘alternative’ or ‘complimentary’ medicines, they are, in fact, a unique and independent form of medicine in their own right, well able to treat a variety of conditions. Perhaps the term ‘holistic’ medicine is more apt, given the broad range of treatment options and approaches which are to be found within the practice of natural medicine, which encompasses many different disciplines, including herbalism, homeopathy, iridology, osteopathy, chiropractic, therapeutic massage techniques, aromatherapy, acupuncture and many, many more. Most naturopaths will use a variety of treatment modalities in order to treat their patients in a holistic way to support health, relieve symptoms and prevent future disease. In fact, even the World Health Organization defines health as being "... more than simply the absence of illness. It is the active state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being." This is a wonderfully clear description of holistic or natural medicine, which strives to support health (thereby relieving or preventing symptoms), rather than simply eliminating disease.
Although allopathic medicine certainly has a role to play and has made a tremendous contribution to medical science during the past century, there is a growing perception that it is not the only answer and that, in many cases, holistic medicine can accomplish just as much, if not more – without the risk of side effects, addiction and sacrifice to health so commonly associated with pharmaceutical drugs. Contrary to common perception, and provided that they are manufactured in the correct way, natural medicines can work quickly and safely to promote healing. In many cases, they can succeed where pharmaceutical drugs have failed. Despite frequent reports that they are ‘unproven’ and ‘untested’, the opposite is true. Natural medicines have a long history of usage and there is a wealth of empirical evidence to support their effectiveness and safety. In addition, active clinical research is carried out by many academic hospitals and universities to support the extensive traditional and empirical evidence behind natural medicines.
It is also important to know that, like any medicine, herbal and homeopathic medicines must be manufactured in the correct way, following acceptable procedures and manufacturing methods to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. Due to the recent rise in popularity of natural remedies, many companies have sprung up to take advantage of the market. Unfortunately not all of them are equipped to manufacture to the correct standards, often resulting in a flood of inferior (and sometimes even unsafe) remedies onto the market – and giving natural remedies a bad name. Even some pharmaceutical companies have rushed to claim their market share by producing so-called ‘standardized’ extracts of herbs and offering these as superior to the tried and tested methods of naturopathic manufacturing. Nothing could be further from the truth. While ‘standardized’ extracts may offer benefit of easy consistency of dosage (and cheaper more efficient production lines), they have grave disadvantages. These include an increase in side effects as the medicines produced in this manner lose the natural protective properties of the herbs. In some cases, these side effects have proved fatal – as was seen in the liver toxicity associated with standardized extracts of kava kava, a herb previously safely used for generations without any known side effects.
Most naturopaths recommend what is called the Full Spectrum Method of extraction – which retains the benefits of ALL the active ingredients within the herb as opposed to isolating only one – thereby providing a more complete treatment as well as superior protection against side effects.
Whatever your choice, always choose wisely. Research what is best for you. If you have a chronic or life threatening condition, don’t make changes without first discussing them with your doctor in order that your condition may be monitored. Well informed and supportive practitioners will support patients who want to take responsibility for their own health.
In the treatment of kidney stones, the following herbal and homeopathic remedies are often used as part of the treatment plan.
Kidney Dr.
Recognizing the need for a healthier and more effective approach, without the side effects of the prescription drugs, Native Remedies has developed Kidney Dr. - 100% herbal remedy containing well researched ingredients and manufactured in therapeutic dosage according to the highest pharmaceutical standards.
Kidney Dr. is a natural, safe and proven herbal remedy containing herbs known for their tonic effect on the kidneys and the entire urinary system. Regular use helps to keep kidneys and the urinary system healthy and functioning normally, while treating existing kidney disease.
Kidney Dr. also works to prevent kidney damage caused by conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
Kidney Dr. contains the following therapeutic herbs in convenient and fast-acting drop format:
  • Agathosma betulina, also called Buchu, is a urinary antiseptic and possesses diuretic properties. Buchu has been used by the natives of the Western Cape of Southern Africa for many centuries. Early Dutch settlers used buchu to make a brandy tincture and Boegoebrandewyn (buchu brandy) is still used today to treat many disorders.
  • Berberis vulgaris, also called Barberry, has been used medicinally for thousands of years and has documented use in Ancient Egypt - where it was used by pharaohs to ward off the plague. Berberine alkaloids contained in Barberry have demonstrated antibacterial and infection-fighting properties, stimulating microphages (white blood cells) to fight off infection and improving immune functioning. Barberry is also used extensively for kidney disease, kidney stones, gallbladder problems and enlarged spleen.
  • Polygonum multiflorum, also called He-shou-wu or Fo ti, is an important blood tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. It is often prescribed for kidney and liver problems to strengthen the blood, invigorate the liver and kidneys, and revitalize the system. Studies also suggest that Fo ti has the ability to stimulate immune functioning, lower cholesterol and increase red blood cell formation.
  • Schizandra chinensis, also called Wu-wei-zi, is a well known adaptogen which benefits all body systems and overall systemic health and functioning. Wu-wei-zi has a wide variety of therapeutic benefits and is an excellent kidney tonic. Added benefits include increased energy, strengthened immune functioning and greater ability to cope with stress.
  • Trigonella foenum-graecum, also called Fenugreek, has proven benefits for a wide variety of problems including diabetes, high cholesterol and atherosclerosis. Traditional Chinese herbalists also prescribe Fenugreek for kidney problems.

Additional Helpful Tips to Reduce the Occurrence of Kidney Stones

Here are a few more helpful tips to help make your life more enjoyable and health-filled:
  • Every once in awhile, trade in your lemon water for lemonade. If you're at a restaurant, ask for a water and a glass full of about 5-6 lemon slices. Then, squeeze them into your water, add some sweetener, and—voila—you've got free lemonade! You can use sugar or a sugar substitute for a great tasting alternative to water.
  • Make your exercise fun!
    • Try walking in new places.
    • Explore new areas of your neighborhood or town.
    • Walk down different roads or paths.
    • Take a look at the surroundings for a change, instead of just focusing on the road.
    • Go golfing and carry your clubs instead of riding in a cart.
    • See how fast you can walk compared to a friend who is jogging next to you—you might be amazed how fast you can walk!
    • Get a new pair of shoes to help motivate you to get out there and do it!
    • And, don't forget; get a Step-o-meter!
Don’t Forget Any of These Preventative Measures!
Right now, the pain of kidney stones is probably fresh in your mind. But down the road, you may slowly forget how awful the pain was. Be sure you never have to go through that pain again by following the above steps for the rest of your life!
  • Get plenty of rest. To remain in optimum health, it's absolutely crucial you get the right amount of sleep. Some people sleep too long, while some people don't sleep enough. We have found an amazing website that reveals secrets to better sleep and more energy and we highly recommend to you at
  • A good cranberry juice helps maintain your urinary tract. Make sure it is from concentrate.
  • Keep drinking fluids. Fruit and vegetable juices such as carrot, grape, and orange, grape juices contain high levels of citrates. Citrates reduce the build up of uric acid and help eliminate the formation of calcium salts—both of which, if left unchecked, can lead to kidney stones.
  • In general, reduce the amount of excess phosphorous you consume. Your favorite soda and other carbonated drinks often contain high quantities of phosphorous (in the form of phosphoric acid. Whereas we recommend it for breaking down the stones in our Kidney Stone Removal Remedy, it is best to avoid continued consumption of food or drinks high in phosphorous.
  • Consider taking a magnesium supplement of no less than 300-350 mg/day.
Consider taking a complete B-complex vitamin. B-6 deficiency—common among average adults—has been shown to increase the risk of kidney stones, so be sure your B-complex contains pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6). In addition, B-1 deficiency has also been linked to kidney stone formation, so be sure your B-complex contains thiamine (B-1), too.
  • Ironically, low calcium levels in your body can lead to calcium-based kidney stones, so be sure you are receiving an adequate calcium source in your daily diet.
  • If you suffer from uric acid stones, reduce or eliminate red meats from your diet. Meat is a high source of purine which leads to uric acid stones.
  • Eliminate high sugar foods. High sugar intake is associated with increased risk of kidney stones. Eating foods and drinking beverages with less or no added sugar is a great way to reduce your risk.
  • Practice good general preventative health care—including regular visits to your doctor, a balanced diet, hydration, and exercise—to improve your overall health and reduce your chance for kidney stones.
  • Remember where all good things come from. God loves you and wants you to know it.
  • Be thankful in all situations and keep a positive attitude! Even when the going gets tough, God never leaves us. If you feel down and out, just read the book of Job and you'll realize your life isn't so bad. Also, Hebrews 11 and 12 are excellent chapters to read if you are feeling depressed or discouraged. And, don't forget; God answers prayer! Pray in faith and you will receive healing! After all, God created your body, so if anyone can heal it, God can!


Your Testimonials

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A Final Thought

That's all the information you should need to live a happy, healthy, kidney stone-free life! We hope and trust you've learned many new ways to increase your health and happiness. In addition, we sincerely hope you'll begin implementing the information you've learned today immediately.
To your health!

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