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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Food Babe Eating Guide

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Are you unhappy with the way you’ve been eating?
Do you struggle with figuring out what to buy and eat?
Do you have extra pounds to lose you can’t get rid of no matter what diet you follow?
Do you find yourself not being able to focus and getting tired throughout the day?
Do you eat too many processed foods and not enough real food?
Do you want a clear, brighter and a more vibrant complexion?
Do you want to make eating an organic & non-GMO diet easier and almost mindless?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, The EATING GUIDE is for you. Watch the video below to learn more and see a sample:

Everyone can eat like a Food Babe. I am convinced.
The only reason I’ve been able to maintain my ideal weight for over 10 years now and feel amazing, is because of my habits, food choices and routine. And now I want to share that with you every month in a digestible and attainable way.
Everyone wants menu planning, weight control and what we are eating to be brainless. Always thinking about what to eat next can be overwhelming and figuring out something healthy to cook at the last minute totally sucks!
So that’s why I’ve consulted with a nutritionist to develop a monthly eating guide that will not only keep you on track, but will help you lose weight if you need to and/or maintain the healthy lifestyle you may have already built.
Millions of people visit Food Babe as their source to find out what’s really in food. I’ve spent most of my life investigating what’s in food and researching the best real and nutritious food on the planet. But, I have to tell you – knowing what to do and actually doing it are two completely different things!
Living an organic real food lifestyle is not always easy. Life can get in the way and throw us totally off track. I wanted to develop this program for me (selfishly) and for you – so we together can live effortlessly in this overly processed food world.
When you join, you will get 2 downloadable guides:
Food Babe Eating Guide
The Starter Guide
The Starter Guide provides an in depth introduction to organic, healthy living. It is an all-in-one exclusive roadmap to organic living for life’s many situations including:
  • How to use the Eating Guide
  • Top organic budget tips
  • Organic shopping priority list
  • Guidelines for dairy, meat, fish and sushi consumption
  • How to spot and avoid GMOs
  • Dining out guide
  • 10+ fast real food meals you can grab on the go
  • 20+ real food snacking options (10 savory + 10 sweets)
  • How to quit soda and substitutes
  • 7 daily habits to adopt that will change your life
  • Juicing and smoothie tips
  • Which superfoods provide the most benefits
  • How to make nut and seed milks
  • Tighten up tea recipe & tea buying guide
The Food Babe Eating Guide
The Food Babe Eating Guide provides a monthly calendar and extensive dietary regimen. Whether you need to lose weight or manage your eating habits in a healthy way, the meal plan caters to your needs. Forget about the calories or nutritional profile, we have done all of the work to make sure all the recipes are aligned with our healthy, organic goals and portioned appropriately. It includes:
  • Monthly meal calendar outlining daily menu (to be repeated for 4 weeks until the next months guide comes out)
  • Detailed grocery list and approved brands that takes the guess work out of shopping
  • 16 new recipes per month (5 breakfast, 5 lunch, 5 dinner + 1 new salad dressing recipe)
  • Every recipe is comprised of whole food, non-GMO, organic, unprocessed and superfood ingredients
  • Calories are already counted and portions are controlled for weight loss or weight maintenance
  • Plant-based recipes with vegan and gluten free alternatives
Learning to cook something new everyday is crazy and too time consuming - that’s why there are only 16 recipes to learn and repeat 4 times during the month. The repetition and routine will create long life habits that will stick with you – helping you reach the ideal weight you’ve always wanted and stay that way.
The best part? Everything is neatly organized and simple to access. There’s no complicated software to use or new system to learn – you sign up, you pay and you download the Starter Guide and Monthly Eating Guide each month and hit print! That’s it – it’s uncomplicated and really straightforward, so sign up today and feel the magic of the Food Babe Eating Guide!
Food Babe Eating Guide

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